Divine B​liss Suites, Smiles & Salt Spa 


**Infants & Children are NOT permitted in the

spa except for their own scheduled haircut.**

*Please make childcare arrangements PRIOR to booking

your personal services. We at 'Divine Bliss' value providing the

ultimate peaceful & relaxing atmosphere our clients desire.

~Spa Menu~

You'll notice that each service offered, includes all of the essentials 

for a total spa experience. We've included it all for you at very 

competitive prices and an atmosphere made just for you to drift away.

(Amy & Torri's  services include tax / Cash or Check  Accepted)

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~Cosmetic LED Teeth Whitening~

(Ages 14+)


Visit our Smile Studio to achieve a brighter smile in just 60 minutes! 

Our LED (laser) teeth whitening product creates immediate results. 

Most clients experience NO sensitivity with our products. 

Boost your confidence & show off your best smile by 

booking your session TODAY!

(To Book, Click on the booking link above, Choose 

"Book a Class" to reserve your seat in our Smile Studio)

~'Teenage 'Bliss' Facial~ 

(Ages 18 & under)


Perfect facial to teach your teenager how to care for 

his/her skin for years to come! This facial includes exfoliation using 

microdermabrasion if needed, deep cleansing extractions 

customized mask & moisturizer completes this treatment. 

~Microdermabrasion Skin Resurfacing Treatment~


Receive everything in the 'Bliss' Facial' PLUS More!! Microdermabrasion is a mild exfoliation procedure that improves the appearance of skin and includes deep cleansing extractions. It treats sun damage, scars, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Also helps to enhance circulation and lymph flow. 

The results of a microdermabrasion are immediate and helps to create that glowing skin you've always wanted. There is no downtime and patients can resume their normal activities right away.

(Paraffin Dip Hand Treatment and/or 'Bright Eyes' session can be added for $10 each)

~Dermaplane Facial~


Ever wish you could get rid of that stubborn peach fuzz on your face? This is the treatment for you! Dermaplane technique has significant anti-aging benefits and will instantly improve the texture of your skin. I first, meticulously remove all peach fuzz from your face and neck (including eyebrow touch-up) and then make a second pass around your face to ensure the top layer of dead skin cells have been removed. You'll then receive an exfoliation treatment and facial mask. Moisturizer and sunscreen completes the service. This treatment promotes faster cellular turnover and gives your skin a natural brilliance and glow.

Hand and Arm Massage also included!

(Paraffin Dip Hand Treatment and/or 'Bright Eyes' session can be added for $10 each)

Age Backwards...

~The ULTIMATE in Facial Rejuvenation~


Experience the ultimate in facial rejuvenation! Lay back and relax while Amy turns back the hands of time! This customized treatment has been designed by Amy herself, to provide clients with an all- inclusive skincare treatment that will cover a variety of skin care concerns! You’ll first receive a Vitamin C infused skin resurfacing treatment, followed by a 20 minute face, neck and chest phototherapy session to promote collagen formation, increase skin elasticity, reduce age/sun spots, shrink pores, firming anti-aging antioxidant efficiency, reduce inflammation, heal acne, relieve mental stress, promote lymphatic drainage, enhance cell turnover, improve fine lines, wrinkles and skin elasticity which tightens the skin. The treatment is topped off with a facial mask and moisturizer.

Book now! Your skin will LOVE you for it!

*Do NOT book this service if you are currently pregnant, have

thyroid disease, allergy to any sort of light or have

open wounds on the face, neck or chest.*

~Skin Spot Remover Treatment~


(Up to 15 Minutes of Continuous Treatment)

Tired of seeing those Sun spots, Broken capillaries, Skin tags,

Cherry Angiomas or the little white calcium/cholesterol

deposit bumps on your skin?

Schedule your session and we'll zap them away!

~'Lunchtime' Face Lift Package ~ 

(Unavailable at this time)

$165 (Initial Package of 5 treatments)

$35 (Maintenance Only Treatment)

Do you look in the mirror and notice fine lines, wrinkles or sagging of the skin from your neck up? I have a non-surgical solution for you! This treatment utilizes electrical impulses to help increase collagen production, create tightening & toning of the skin and provide a more youthful appearance. During this service, your muscles beneath the skin will be retrained to eliminate expression lines and wrinkles while lifting and toning your skin. Each treatment takes just 20 minutes and are 

scheduled once a week for 5 consecutive weeks!

~Laser Package~

(Unavailable at this time)

$165 (Initial Package of 5 Facial Sessions)

$35 (Maintenance Only Treatment)

This treatment is great for reducing age/sun spots, dry skin, oily skin or acne-prone skin! Utilizing a low-energy laser, this treatment lightens and brightens the skin, promotes healthy elastin, enhances collagen production and promotes lymph drainage. Each treatment takes about 20 minutes and 

are scheduled once a week for 5 consecutive weeks! 

~Bright Eyes!~

$15 (per single treatment)

$10 (Add-on to Facial Service)

It's time to say "goodbye" to those dark circles and puffiness under your pretty eyes! During this treatment, I will increase circulation around your eyes and send streams of vibrations to break down and help remove imperfections under the skin. Bright eyes....here you come!!

~Back Treatment~


This deep-cleansing treatment ensures well-cared for skin all over.

The back is cleansed, steamed & exfoliated for the 

removal of impurities. A back massage & mask completes this service...

creating a radiant glow.

(Microdermabrasion can be added for an additional $20)

~Eyebrow & Lash Tint~

$30 each

(Eyebrows include waxing)

Spend less time on makeup and wake up with darker brows and lashes!

Color lasts about 5 weeks!

**Interested in improving your health from the Inside-out?**

Visit my website below and click on "Start my Profile!"

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creating a brand new YOU!

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~Ashlan's Spa Menu~

To Schedule an appointment with Ashlan, visit:


(Copy and paste into web browser if needed)

For Additional information or questions,

contact Ashlan directly @ 740.624.8542


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Threading is a form of hair removal originating in Asia.

It's a process in which unwanted facial hair is removed

by using twisted cotton thread to pull hair from

the follicle and slows down the regrowth process.

~Eyebrow Tinting or Henna~ 

Eyebrow tinting & henna is a temporary fill for your eyebrows to make them

appear fuller, darker, and more defined. 

~Eyelash & Eyebrow Extensions ~

Lashes Full Set 

Lashes Fill-in 

Lash Fill with Brow Thread 

Brow Extensions (includes brow thread & tint) 

(A Non-refundable 50% Deposit Fee will be Required & Due at time of booking.)

Get those long lashes you've been dreaming of... Instantly!

Eyelash extensions are added to your natural lashes with a strong adhesive to enhance the appearance of your natural lashes. You can choose from a variety of lengths, fullness, thickness, and curliness.

Fill-ins are needed every 3-4 weeks.


~ Steph's Hair Services ~

If you are a current client and need to schedule an

appointment, please call or text her directly @ 740.891.1462

 *Steph is NOT accepting new clients at this time.* 


~Spiritual Awakening (Reiki) in the Salt Spa~

(Unavailable at this time)

Spiritual Awakening is a technique used for relaxation. 

This energy works to align the body's chakras and bring 

an inner balance and peace to the participant. 

Typically a hands-on manipulation, to promote healing of 

physical and emotional pain & helps to bring 

the body to the state of "Balance."

Spiritual Awakening is an "experience," that can be life changing!

All you have to do is open your heart and receive. 

Private Spiritual Awakening Session

(Text Amy @ 740.624.2681 to schedule)


Please allow about an hour or so for your full experience. 

You will be receiving:

*Spiritual Awakening (Reiki)

 *Sound Bath- A deeply-immersive, full body listening experience that intentionally uses sound through singing bowls and chimes, to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic & restorative processes 

to nurture the mind and body.

*Sonotherapy- This special music can bring the mind and body into a deep meditative state 

and help the body to clear blockages.

*Chromotherapy- Color can help balance the Chakra energy in the body to boost the natural healing ability of our physical and emotional systems. 

*Halotherapy- Dry salt is calming & detoxifying, supporting the 

respiratory, immune, nervous and lymphatic systems. 


*To schedule your session, please call or text Amy directly at 740.624.2681 to be added to her Waitlist

 (Cash or Check Accepted)

Give the Gift of Divine Bliss!

Gift certificates may be purchased in the

dollar amount of your choice from your

chosen beauty specialist. 

Children NOT permitted in spa except for their own scheduled appointment. 

Please make childcare arrangements prior to booking your services.

Please give your specialist a 24 hour courtesy 

call/text if cancellation is necessary.

*Services by Appointment Only*